Yet not, bad relationships ranging from healers and you will medical group remains observed [12, 13]

Yet not, bad relationships ranging from healers and you will medical group remains observed [12, 13]

With the health care program, it is primordial to determine these types of barriers and become him or her to your potential. To carry out you to definitely, it is vital to has an effective understanding on the step one) exactly how old-fashioned healers interpret the fresh new concepts of health insurance and problems, and you may dos) and this traps healers understand getting fitness employees and healers to function along with her.

Into very first question, within the a previous article we explained the newest Ecuadorian indigenous healers’ attitudes on the health insurance and disease. Because of a qualitative study i found that views on health and issues differ from new Western biomedical care design. Such as for example, the fresh indigenous angle of health insurance and disease focuses on an equilibrium anywhere between cuatro authorities: the latest bodily, spiritual, personal, and you may intellectual regulators. Additionally, “well being” try hit courtesy a healthy diet and balance/equilibrium .

Next question, that is emo chat room net looking for ways away from cooperation, used to be learnt by the certain experts. Within the a-south African investigation, healers accept the requirement to act as a team adjust the health of their teams. During the 1992, Hoff examined the job from traditional healers inside pris. Mcdougal refers to particular constrains particularly 1) lack of clear recognition, 2) diminished dialogue, and step 3) unsure character of specialist in relation to other people in this new pri .

For this reason, and you can pertaining to a venture where i research the prerequisites in addition to conditions that sacrifice intercultural health care on Kichwa and Shuar communities in the Ecuador, we feel the need to discuss, out-of an indigenous position, this new traps you to definitely compromise the relationship ranging from healers and fitness employees. On top of that, we should define facilitators and check out ventures for venture. Similar to this, we are able to bring tangible strategies out-of productive utilization of an enthusiastic intercultural wellness coverage and implementation of intercultural integration and for practitioners in this field, as well as for people regarding the scientific training .

Lookup construction

A good qualitative observational research are performed over the age you to 12 months into the Southern area Ecuador, approximately Saraguro, Yacuambi and Cuenca (Senplades, Zones 6 and eight)] . We seek to deepen our knowledge of opinions and you can thinking of the latest healers of the Kichwa and you can Shuar ethnicities. The newest efficiency regarding focus groups is selected to gather analysis because the this process lets the participants to interact collectively when you look at the a smooth ecosystem, so we planned to establish just what some one think and end up being .

Ethical acceptance

Brand new moral requirements of Search Committee regarding San francisco de Quito College was came across, as well as acknowledged the study (CEISH USFQ 2017-059E). Composed concur is actually taken from the newest indigenous community (the latest “Saraguro y Cuenca” Healers Council) and you will professionals, who had been absolve to decline participation or withdraw at any time.

Employment and you will function

I utilized a benefits sampling means having fun with volunteer and you will purposive steps. All the participants was basically chose particularly because they had some experience of notice towards investigation consequently they are healers acknowledged by brand new teams. To help you facilitate discussions into varied membership, different types of healers were employed, like: a) midwifes (parteras) b) shaman otherwise uwishin, c) bonesetters (sobadores) and d) herb-healers (hierbateros). New addition conditions was basically another: working as a ‘traditional’ counselor otherwise midwife (partera) and achieving the capacity to chat Language. Although not, the new participants’ mommy code wasn’t Spanish, which explains new grammatical errors that’s available on estimates. We decided to enroll native organizations off South Ecuador (Saraguros, Shuar and you may Cholos Cuencanos) while the a good) such groups are definitely the cardiovascular system off meetings for native celebrations, and you may b) this type of organizations fall under local Ecuadorian some one.

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