A gloss tale off Bosnia and you will Herzegovina

A gloss tale off Bosnia and you will Herzegovina

The fresh new Shine fraction from inside the Bosnia and you may Herzegovina possess mainly assimilated over many years. It is for the holidays off Xmas and you may Easter that living and traditions of the ancestors was restored.

Including, you will find marked thousands of Gloss cemeteries that have feel overgrown which have dense tree more eight many years, and we has actually achieved a complete maintenance of the cemetery inside the Devetina with financial assistance about Shine embassy from inside the Sarajevo

After the fresh nineteenth 100 years, Poles or any other minorities in the Austro-Hungarian Empire gone and you can settled on north-west part of Bosnia and you may Herzegovina. They were keen on this place simply because of its arable land and you can good living requirements.

Of the 12 months 1910, there had been 10,975 Poles residing Bosnia and Herzegovina. This group lived in a dozen farming territories regarding the Bosnian Krajina area. Until 1946, Posts designed one of the greatest cultural groups Prnjavor section. Within invitation of one’s Gloss regulators, 18,100 Posts in the city returned to the world for this time. Overall, they mostly paid into the Straight down Silesia, from inside the Boleslawiec while the close metropolitan areas.

Tomislav Durtka, the fresh new originator and you may venture coordinator of your ”Relationship off Posts Boleslawiec-Prnjavor” and you may historical professional, explained a few of their own individual history: “My precious father, Jan Durtka, moved to Prnjavor in 1892 toward town out-of Ratkovac, where the guy bought home. Later on immigrants had woods throughout the uninhabited part of ??the current municipalities regarding Srbac, Laktasi and you will Prnjavor, so you’re able to turn him or her towards industries with work”.

With respect to the rates of Shine embassy in https://kissbrides.com/armenian-brides/ the Sarajevo, the fresh new Gloss diaspora in Bosnia and you may Herzegovina already quantity 340 somebody.

The first thoughts off Tomislav’s homeland was dominated of the their society, frameworks and you can culture. Despite destroyed and shed much undergoing intake through the generations, Tomislav along with his relatives are trying to look after its ancestral people from performs of Relationship away from Posts during the Bosnia and you will Herzegovina. From year to year, people in the newest association organise a timeless Xmas Eve dinner (Wigilia) and you will suffice 13 different kinds of fast meals. This is certainly followed closely by a separate brand of cash called ‘oplatek’.

Durtka says one to “All of our lifestyle are typically associated with the holidays: Xmas and you will Easter. I also started the first Polish language university inside Bosnia and you will Herzegovina, that has been operating getting several years.

And then we created a tiny collection out-of instructions regarding Poland, that’s still the most significant here. We on a regular basis participate in occurrences where we could present Polish life, people and you can ethnic food that is specific so you’re able to Poland. I get ready unique cakes and you will pierogi, a recipe certain to this town that was produced right here from the Ukrainians and you may Posts. By the collection countries, the folks are very so familiar with each other one to nearly the home in Prnjavor makes them, as well as can also be purchased suspended to get”.

The fresh Relationship off Posts and additionally folks from Ukraine, Czech Republic, Italy and you will Montenegro regularly arrange an event for national minorities. So it experiences is known as “Nothing Europe” once the on the 20 other cultural teams had been paid throughout the territory of Prnjavor. The brand new association’s enterprise regarding a shine Language University into the Prnjavor already been in 1946. Simple fact is that merely words school of the type in Republika Srpska. .

This woman is already planning to an intercourse studies in the middle for Ladies’ Degree during the Belgrade

“We organized the greatest get together of Poles from inside the 80 years within the 2019, whenever three hundred members and you can subscribers regarding Poland (the city off Boleslawiec) gathered at association’s headquarters.

The fresh Gloss cemetery when you look at the Devetina is selected given that place for a central landmark, a memorial plaque dedicated to the Poles who once lived here and you may was indeed buried indeed there as well”, said Durtka.

Posts inside Bosnia and you will Herzegovina express of many dilemmas in common with other minorities from inside the Bosnia and you can Herzegovina. If we bring economics under consideration, yet not, nevertheless they deal with an equivalent situations because country’s constituent peoples.

“The positioning off minorities during the Prnjavor is obviously unique of into the all of those other country, as right here minorities are significantly provided and you will take part in all aspects out of community. They’re also backed by your local bodies to help you a significantly greater the amount than in other places. Assembling your shed or effort aimed at increasing the position away from one another Poles or other national minorities way of living we have found supported. Directly, I might alter the means Bosnian society snacks all of the minorities. Indeed, we possess the bad structure internationally on this material. I have hit a time where inside Bosnia and you can Herzegovina today simply about three percent of the people declares themselves a part out-of a national minority, according to last census. Within the a nation who’s for ages been experienced an area that have a number of countries and you can ethnicities, today i’ve fewer national minorities than just about any nation from the part and you will beyond. So what does you to say in the you while the tension that these everyone is met with by the not what they’re?”, said Durtka.

In 2010 ‘s the occasion of one’s 75th anniversary of your get back of region’s Poles. But not, organising a conference has proven hard due to the COVID pandemic. The latest coming off an author out of Poland was also revealed as part of the event. The month of january Bujak was creating their seventh book into history of Poles in your community, therefore the category intend to assistance him and you will render their courses all over Bosnia and you can Herzegovina.

Tomislav Durtka expectations that situation will improve by june to allow them to cooperate to your Association of Scouts of Poland. They aspire to publish college students with their mothers to help you a polish words camp for the Karpacz. To possess Durtka and his awesome association, boosting its child’s fitness, social awareness and you may code efficiency is their most important objective.

Natasa Lazukic was born in Gradacac in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She learned in the Faculty off Philology into the Banja Luka. She had the capacity to write and upload literary messages for Pen Centar Bosnia and you can Herzegovina, specific websites and printing guides and you may hit. This lady has become awarded the latest UNICEF Award Getting Kid’s Rights.

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